Tohi master chocolatiers use traditional Belgian know-how to work with the raw and natural flavours of organic chocolate. The recipes are both gourmet and innovative.


All of the products in the Tohi range come from certified organic farming. Selected for their exceptional quality, our fillings reveal subtle and authentic flavours.


Tohi respects the environment. Our packaging is made from unique recyclable materials and the paper and cardboard come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.
The chocolatier is also carbon-neutral certified. It does its utmost to limit its carbon dioxide emissions and offsets its remaining emissions by investing in green energy production projects.


Tohi produces guaranteed chocolates. Quality controls, both technical and organoleptic, are carried out at every stage of the production process. Tohi production complies with the most current and stringent quality and health standards.


The Tohi ethic and creed. To produce exceptional quality, the Tohi team is keen to create a network of partnership relations with its customers and suppliers. It is also concerned about sustainable development in developing countries, which supply a fair number of its raw materials.