Buying online 

  • How do I place an order online?


To be able to place an order online you must first create an account. Once you have created your account and logged in, simply select the items you would like to order by adding them to your cart. When you have finished making your selection, go into your basket and click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’. You will then be asked to provide billing, delivery and payment information before checking your order one last time. After you have agreed to the general terms and conditions, you must confirm the order and make payment. When your order has been completed and payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email.


  • Do I have to create an account to place an order?


Yes, you need to create an account to place an order. It can also be used to track your order, and receive or save invoices so that you can repeat your order another time.


  • I have forgotten the password for my account. How can I recover my password?

Simply click on ‘Forgot your password?’Enter your email address and you will automatically receive an email to reset your password. If your email address is invalid, an error message asking you to try another address will appear.


  • How do I know if I my order has been successful?

When your order has been completed and payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email.


  • What is a discount code?

The discount code is a promotional code, a gift or a temporary offer listed on our site or in our newsletter. This code must be entered in the relevant field and confirmed when placing the order in your cart.


Products, packaging and storage 

  • What is the best way to store my Tohi chocolate?

It is advisable to store Tohi chocolates in a cool, dry place, ideally at temperatures between 10°C and 18°C.

We also recommend that you do not store the chocolate near strong-smelling foods or substances (such as spices) as the chocolate may absorb the smells.


  • How long can I store my Tohi chocolates for?

We recommend that Tohi chocolates be eaten before the use-by-date shown on the packaging. This is approximately 13 to 15 months after the date of production.


  • Do Dolfin chocolates contain GMOs?

No, definitely not, and we monitor this closely!


  • Do Dolfin chocolates contain vegetable oils (palm oil)?

Tohi chocolates do not contain any because they are made from pure cocoa butter.

The speculoos biscuit used in our ‘speculoos milk chocolate’ tablets comes from a major Belgian biscuit company and contains a very small amount of vegetable oil as it is required in its preparation. It should be noted that this speculoos biscuit is certified organic and Fairtrade.


  • Where does the cocoa used in Tohi chocolates come from?

Tohi master chocolatiers use traditional Belgian know-how to work with the raw and natural flavours of organic chocolate. The recipes are both gourmet and innovative.

All of the products in the Tohi range come from certified organic farming. Selected for their exceptional quality, our fillings reveal subtle and authentic flavours.

Tohi produces guaranteed chocolates. Quality controls, both technical and organoleptic, are carried out at every stage of the production process. Tohi production complies with the most current and stringent quality and health standards.

Our recipes use only one type of cocoa, it comes from The Dominican Republic.


  • Is Tohi concerned by ecology?

Tohi respects the environment. Our packaging is made from unique recyclable materials and the paper and cardboard come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

The chocolatier is also carbon-neutral certified. It does its utmost to limit its carbon dioxide emissions and offsets its remaining emissions by investing in green energy production projects.


  • What is Tohi cocoa butter made from?

Cocoa butter is a single ingredient and not a blended ingredient. It is made by pressing the cocoa mass (or paste), which is itself produced by grinding the cocoa bean. Our chocolates are all 100% pure cocoa butter. We do not use any substitutes.


  • Does chocolate raise cholesterol?

Dark chocolate only contains plant-based ingredients and therefore a minimal amount of cholesterol (less than 2 mg/100 g), but the milk in our milk chocolate does contain a little cholesterol. However, some studies show that cocoa, which is high in antioxidants (polyphenols), may have a beneficial effect on cholesterol.


Dispatch and delivery times 

  • What are the payment methods? Are they secure?

You can pay for your purchases by credit card (MasterCard – VISA) and debit card (Bancontact/Mister Cash – Maestro – Giropay).

All payment information and transactions are fully secured by the Ogone/Ingenico system.


  • Which countries do you deliver to?

We can deliver your orders anywhere in the world. If, however, a country does not appear in the list of destination countries, please contact us so that we can add it to the list.


  • What are the delivery rates and times?

For deliveries to Belgium the cost is: €5 (bpost, 3 to 8 working days).

For deliveries to France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany: €8 (bpost, 3 to 8 working days).

Express deliveries are possible via Fedex (2 working days). Rates vary according to the weight and destination.

Free delivery on orders over €50 for deliveries to Belgium, France and Luxembourg only.

For all other countries, delivery rates vary according to the total weight of the package and the level of priority (Fedex – 2 to 4 working days). Simply check the price by entering the desired delivery address.

We will make every effort to ensure that the chocolates you receive are as fresh as possible. That is why we reserve the right to delay dispatch of your order in the event of very hot weather.


  • Are deliveries made at the weekend?

Unfortunately not.


  • What happens if I am not there when the package is delivered?

An attempted delivery note will be left. If your package has been sent by post, you will be asked to go to the post office. If it has been sent by Fedex, you will be asked to arrange a time for a second delivery.


  • Is it possible to have my order delivered to a different address?

Yes, of course. Simply enter the desired delivery address.


  • Can I track my order on line?

Yes, once the order has been dispatched with bpost or Fedex, you will receive a tracking number.


  • Are there customs duties and/or taxes to be paid?

All costs are included in the delivery rates.


  • I would like to send a gift. Is it possible to not include the invoice in the delivery?

Yes, of course. However, we recommend that you specify this in the contact form or by sending an email to info@tohi.be.


  • Can I attach a message to my order?

Yes, you can send us the message to be attached via the relevant link when completing your order.


General terms and conditions of sale  


  • Where can I read the general terms and conditions of sale?

You will find them at the bottom of the home page under ‘Payment’ then ‘General Terms and Conditions of Sale’.


  • Notice of cancellation

In the event that the customer cancels an order, the customer shall pay Tohi for the services already provided, the corresponding value of the raw materials used and 20% of the price agreed by way of compensation. However, please contact us using the contact form.


  • Do you use Cookies?

In order to improve our service, the www.tohi.be website may use cookies. Cookies are small data files automatically stored on the hard drive of your computer when you browse a site. These files consist of a unique identification number. They make it quicker and easier for you to access the site on subsequent occasions. They can also be used to personalise the site according to your personal preferences.
Cookies are used to analyse use of the site and enable us to identify any problems in its operation. 


  • What is your policy concerning privacy and use of my personal data?

Your account information is used solely for the purposes of your transaction with www.tohi.be. We guarantee that this information is not shared with or sold to any third parties. We never have access to your payment details. All payment details, along with all transactions, are fully secured via the Ogone/Ingenico system.


  • Contact and service

If you have a question that is not addressed in these FAQs, please contact us on 00 322 366 2424, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


  • How do I cancel my subscription to the newsletter?

Simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter or send us a message using the contact.