At Tohi, respecting the environment is one of our priorities. Since the beginning of 2008, this company has been studying the problem of greenhouse gas emissions. The chocolate - maker carried out a study of its climatic impact in order to introduce measures to reduce and offset its carbon-dioxide emissions.

An audit of CO2 emissions resulting from Dolfin’s direct business activities was carried out in cooperation with the company CO2 logic. The chocolate - maker set itself the objective of reducing emissions by 15 %. This initiative raised the company’s awareness regarding its contribution to the problem of global warming. An initial step that, as a whole, can make the difference. Very aware of this issue, Dolfin wants to meet its social responsibility by introducing measures aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. A social and environmental charter has been drawn up.

To offset its remaining carbon emissions, Dolfin is participating this year in a project in Uganda. In this country 95% of the population essentially relies on wood and charcoal to cook their daily meals and deforestation has become a serious issue. The aim of this project is to help save trees, reduce deforestation and ensure better living conditions for the local population by reducing harmful airborne pollutants in their household. It facilitates the widespread access to improved woodstoves technologies throughout the country. Each stove helps reduce wood and charcoal consumption by up 40% compared to other cooking methods and can save US $75 per year per family. 

The woodstoves also create a reduction in the emission of harmful pollutants that frequently cause respiratory illnesses such as Pneumonia for children and women in Africa.

Offsetting the Dolfin carbon emissions would involve supporting this project so that 95 families receive an efficient woodstove. 

By working towards progressively reducing and offsetting carbon dioxide emissions, Dolfin and its workforce are adopting a philosophy and acquiring experience that will stand them in good stead to meet the challenges of the modern age.