About Tohi

 The brand Tohi was created with passion, joy and generosity, using the traditional expertise of Dolfin. With Dolfin already applying the art of blending purely natural ingredients with traditional Belgian chocolate, the development of a new organic and Fair Trade brands was an obvious progression.

The Tohi, this charming, brightly coloured, plump little bird was first spotted in 2004 in the Serranía de los Yariguíes, a small, isolated mountain range in the north of Colombia, on the border with Venezuela.

The announcement of the Tohi's discovery inspired us to create this new brand of chocolate.
The cocoa we use also comes from this geographic region. The bird links different horizons and evokes freedom, nature and the exoticism of travel. It is a symbol of poetry, fragility and delight.
Tohi chocolate was developed in the image of this discovery. Tohi sports the Belgian colours perfectly. It has three-coloured plumage, a black back, yellow chest and a red crest. It has it all. The new identity of Tohi chocolate was created.


Naturally Delicious, Deliciously Natural


Tohi: the organic chocolate, combining authentic flavours, pleasure and nature.

Tohi was born out of the enthusiasm of a small group of chocolate lovers, keen to support a contemporary, yet alternative way of life in the pursuit of gourmet discoveries.

Tohi takes you into the unspoiled world of chocolate, where flavours are still natural and pure. Travelling the world in search of subtle and sometimes little known flavours, the master creators of Tohi apply the traditions of yesterday to today innovate on.


Tohi is:

  • the desire for simplicity and shared pleasure in chocolate;
  • GOODNESS because chocolate is, above all, synonymous with pleasure; the pleasure of the fragrances of the world. Exotic spices, fruit zests, dried fruits and the great classics, the Tohi Master-Chocolatiers work on subtle and unexpected blends.
  • Striving for INTEGRITY. Max Havelaar, organic guarantee, packaging from sustainable forests (FSC) and carbon neutrality are all proof of our commitment to responsibility. Here is a chocolate that can be savoured unashamedly!
  • Reflecting BEAUTY. Unique chocolate deserves unique packaging. The packaging is lively, bright and traditional. Delight in the all new, “naturally delicious, deliciously natural ”, Tohi chocolate.